A common question that we hear at Austin’s Pro Max is:
“How do you know when you should change your transmission fluid?”

1. Check the owner’s manual.

All cars are different. Make sure you know what the manufacturer of your car recommends. Typically a transmission fluid change is recommended every 30,000 to 60,000 miles or once every 2 to 4 years whichever comes first.

2. If your transmission isn’t sealed, check the fluid

Another way to check if your transmission fluid needs to be changed is by checking the color.
Many engines have a dip stick that you can pull out to check color and levels.

To check your transmission fluid:
– Make sure your engine is warm
– Leave your engine running with your car in park.
– Pull out the dip stick for your transmission.
– Check the level – If your engine is running, the fluid should be up in to the marked area. {IMAGE}
– Next, wipe the fluid on a white paper towel to check the color.
New and healthy transmission fluid should be a pink in color. As it gets older the pink starts to fade and the fluid will look more brown. If your transmission fluid is dark brown or black or has a burnt smell, it is very old and may have started doing some damage to your transmission.

3. If your engine has a sealed transmission

Your car’s owners manual may not mention changing your transmission fluid and your engine may not have a dip stick to check fluid color or levels. That’s because your engine has a sealed transmission. In order to check the transmission fluid, you will need to bring your car to a licensed professional.


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