How do you know you need to get your transmission checked? Read below for some early signs that could help prevent a full transmission repair.

You should have your transmission checked for leaks and fluids at least once a year. This will help avoid any major issues down the road. Your transmission requires fluids to function, so keeping a close eye out for leaks will be instrumental in avoiding a full replacement or major repairs down the road.

Transmission fluid will look red, rusty, or brown in color. Unlike coolant which will appear more blue/ green. If you see this color leaking under your car, get your transmission checked ASAP!

Symptoms to look out for:
– red or brownish fluid leaking
– trouble shifting gears – or clunky transitions
– a burning smell
– lower fuel efficiency
– loss of power
– clunking or humming noises

If you have questions or notice any of the above symptoms, feel free to give us a call at any one of our Spanaway, TacomaPuyallup transmission departments! We service transmissions at each location so whether you’re coming from Spanaway, Puyallup or Tacoma, we’ve got you covered!