Car Tune Up and Truck Tune Ups for Tacoma Vehicles 

tune-up-tacoma-waDo you want your vehicle to perform like it should?

Make sure it runs right with regular a standard maintenance tune up. For fifteen years Austin's Pro Max with locations in Tacoma, Puyallup & Spanaway, WA has provided vehicles with expert truck and car tune up services.

We carefully inspect your spark plugs and related parts. We'll ask you questions about your gas mileage and engine performance. If we find anything wrong we can a fix the problem. This can include replacing spark plugs.

We recommend you don't do your own tune-up.

Engine and spark plugs are vital parts of your vehicle performance. Schedule your vehicle for a tune-up. Our technicians in Tacoma will inspect and test your spark plugs and catalytic converter.

We want to make sure your vehicle is giving you the power and performance your engine needs. Trust Austin's Pro Max for high-quality car tune up and truck tune ups. We're affordable and can take care of you today.



  • Improves the driving power of your engine
  • Spark plug inspections and replacement
  • Tune up services for everyday vehicles and racers
  • Can potentially improve your gas mileage
  • Increases engine performance

Truck Tune Ups • Engine Tune-Ups • Spark Plug Replacement  • Tacoma

You've heard the expression, "timing is everything."

The same is true with your spark plugs. These small parts fire the right amount of fuel into your engine. Worn out spark plugs don't fire in the right cycle. And they have weak firing. When spark plug timing is off, your engine doesn't work properly. This can lead to many engine problems. Poor gas mileage and air-intake issues are a few of them.


Austin's Pro Max with locations in Tacoma replaces worn out spark plugs. We check the inside and outside of each one. These include coils and wires. We'll replace them if necessary. Your new spark plugs will fire strong and in the right cycle.

We'll also inspect the catalytic converter and carburetor. Your technician will test the engine to make sure your spark plugs fire correctly. This makes for a smoother ride and better gas mileage. Our car tune up, truck tune ups and engine tune ups will keep your Tacoma vehicle in top working condition.

Our tune up services include:


  • Spark plug repair and replacement
  • Gives your engine spark plug timing
  • The right amount of fuel will get to your engine
  • Inspection for all spark plug parts
  • We make sure it fires into the right gap

Contact Austin's Pro-Max for your car tune up, truck tune ups and engine tune ups for the greater Tacoma area.  Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.