Timing Belt Service for Tacoma Vehicles 

timing-belt-tacoma-waEver wonder what keeps your engine parts in sync?

Timing belts do a masterful job with your engine parts. They're found in midsized or small vehicles. A timing belt synchronizes your valves, camshaft, pistons and other parts. The timing belts are usually made of rubber or tough fabric. But a timing belt can develop cracks and other damage.

Save your vehicle from future engine problems. Get regular maintenance for your timing belts.

At Austin's Pro Max in Tacoma, our timing belt replacement technicians will replace worn out belts on regular and high-performance vehicles.


Timing Belt Replacement in Tacoma to Avoid Engine Damage

With our timing belt replacement service, your engine will stay in sync, so your vehicle doesn't break down. You'll get guaranteed parts and labor for all timing belt replacement repairs. Why risk further damage to your engine?

Contact us for all car, truck, van, SUV & RV timing belt service today.


  • Timing belts for interference engines
  • Timing belts for non-interference engines
  • Timing belt replacement for midsized and small vehicles
  • Timing chains in larger vehicles
  • Keeps your engine parts in sync

Timing Belts and Timing Chains Replaced in Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUV's and RV's 

timing-belt-replacement-tacoma-waTiming chains are common in larger vehicles.

They also help your engine parts keep their timing. Timing belts and timing chains can become too stretched. Your engine valve timing will get thrown off. This problem affects your camshaft.

Bring your timing belt or timing chain issues into Austin's Pro Max in Tacoma.

We'll inspect the chain and gears. You'll get a new timing chain that's stronger and helps your engine parts work properly.


  • Stronger chains to keep your engine parts working
  • Allows for proper valve timing
  • Gear replacement, so your timing chain works right
  • Corrections for proper belt tension
  • Free timing chain and timing belt inspections

Contact Austin's Pro Max in Tacoma for any Car, Truck, Van, SUV & RV timing chain or timing belt replacement.  Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.