Shocks and Struts for Tacoma Cars, Trucks, SUV's and RV's


Shocks and struts are supposed to keep your vehicle from bouncing on the roadway. 

A sure sign their worn is if your vehicle continually bounces and shakes. Your vehicle will sway from side to side. Worn shocks and struts can cause a few problems for your vehicle. You can experience braking, steering and stability problems. These problems are common in worn out shocks and structs for regular and performance vehicles.

You need properly working shocks and struts to stabilize your vehicle.

The best place to get shocks and structs replaced is at Austin's Pro Max  in Tacoma.


Car Shocks Replaced for Regular or High-Performance Vehicles

When we're finished replacing your car shocks, your tires will stay on the road. You won't have trouble steering and turning your vehicle. We'll replace the old car shocks, so worn shocks and struts are gone. It won't take your vehicle as long to brake. And you'll be able to steer with no problems.

Bring your vehicle in today for new car shocks.


  • Shocks and struts replacement
  • Brake service, so your vehicle stops sooner
  • Helps your vehicle to remain stable
  • Stops continuous bouncing
  • Keeps your vehicle on the road
  • Replace with new shocks and struts

Inspection for Car and Truck Shocks 

car-shocks-tacoma-waThere's an easy way to tell if your car shocks or truck shocks and struts need replacing.

Let Austin's Pro Max inspect your shocks and struts. We'll check to see how much your vehicle moves. Your technician will detect any swaying and brake problems. They'll also check for steering and stability.

You'll get brand new truck shocks and struts for a better driving experience.


  • Detects signs of wear and stability problems
  • Corrects swaying and constant bouncing
  • Thorough inspection of your car and truck shocks and struts
  • Brake inspection to test brake pressure and stopping power
  • Recommendations for car shocks and struts replacement
  • Free and affordable estimates

Contact us for car shocks, truck shocks, Van, SUV and RV shocks and structs replacement in Tacoma.  Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.