Radiator Repair and Replacement in Tacoma

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When is the last time you checked your radiator?

Like other vehicle parts your radiator can wear down. Hoses, clamps and other parts must be kept in good working condition. Putting off a needed radiator repair can lead to nagging problems.

Your vehicle can overheat. Radiator hoses can split. And your radiator tank can crack. Protect your vehicle in hot or cold weather and get the radiator repair you need. Visit any of Austin's Pro Max locations in Tacoma, Puyallup or Spanaway for our radiator repair servics.

Each day we repair or replace car, truck, van, SUV & RV radiators. We provide proper maintenance, like a radiator flush and radiator repairs for most automotive radiators.

We'll replace or repair hoses, radiator tanks and fan damage. Dealing with radiator leaks? A radiator replacement fixes leaky fittings and seams.

Bring your radiator in for a radiator flush, cleaning and inspection. We'll keep it working right, so you're not stuck on the side of the road.

Call for your free radiator inspection today.


  • Radiator tanks, hoses and clamps
  • Electrolysis repair for a clean radiator
  • Replacement for cracked tanks
  • Replacement for split hoses
  • Stops leaky fittings and seams
  • Aluminum and plastic radiators

Radiator Flush for Tacoma Vehicles

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Are you pouring dirty water into your aluminum radiator?

This can lead to dirt build-up, called electrolysis. Vehicle owners can't see this invisible process. Over time the dirt builds up on the inside of your radiator.

If this happens your radiator needs to be cleaned with a radiator flush service. Ignoring electrolysis can lead to radiator holes and fluid leaks. Get help now at Austin's Pro Max  in Tacoma. A radiator flush can help prevent damage to your radiator and more costly radiator repair or radiator replacement costs in the future.

We carefully clean radiators with special cleaners. Old dirt and sediment is washed out with a radiator flush.


  • Stop the electrolysis process
  • Prevents holes and leaking fluid
  • Remove dirt and sediment build-up
  • Thorough radiator cleaning (radiator flush)
  • Special cleaners to wash radiators out
  • We use a mix of 50/50 distilled water with your anti-freeze

Radiator Replacement Services • Free Radiator Inspection in Tacoma

Radiator problems always come at the worst times. You have better things to do than be stuck on the side of the road. Avoid potential emergencies and find out if you need a radiator replacement now. Contact us for a free radiator inspection. Radiator-Repair-in-Tacoma-WA

We offer radiator inspections for consumer and commercial vehicles.

Let our trained radiator repair and radiator replacement technicians check them out for you. We look for built-up dirt, cracks, holes and other damage.

We'll make sure any hoses, fittings, clamps and seals are in place. If we find any damage we'll let you know if radiator repair or radiator replacement is necessary. You decide what you'd like us to do.

Our radiator inspections are free and take little time.


  • Inspects your radiator and radiator parts
  • Radiator flush services
  • Replace dirty fluid with clean fluid
  • Done by trained technicians
  • Helps you avoid potential road emergencies

Contact us for car, truck, van, SUV, & RV radiator repair, radiator flush service or radiator replacement for your Tacoma vehicles. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.