Oil Change Services for Tacoma Vehicles


The lubrication of your engine parts is vital to vehicle performance.

Over time your engine oil breaks down. An oil change keeps engine parts properly lubricated. It cuts down on engine friction. You won't live under the threat of potential engine damage. Here's another good reason for an oil change. Your oil absorbs water and other products. When oil can't absorb these substances it can cause engine corrosion.

The oil change technicians at Austin's Pro Max can do your oil change on any Car, Truck, Van, SUV, or RV.  Bring your vehicle in for regular oil maintenance. We'll check your oil for thickness and color. We'll change out dirty oil and put in recommended oil.


Oil Changes Should be Done on a Regular Basis

Oil changes are just part of owing a vehicle.  Keeping your Tacoma vehicle in good working order demands that oil changes are done on a routine basis.  By delaying oil changes, you are putting your engine at risk.

While you're here we'll check your other vehicle fluids. You won't have to get under the hood and get your hands dirty. Stop by for oil changes on a regular basis.


  • Keeps your engine parts lubricated
  • Stops the friction and wear of engine parts
  • Cuts down the potential engine damage
  • Oil changes and fluid checks
  • Avoid possible engine corrosion
  • Oil changes help your engine to last longer

Schedule A Truck or Car Oil Change in Tacoma

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You've heard the standard rule about when to get a truck or car oil change.

Most vehicles should get their oil changed every 3,000 miles. At Austin's Pro Max we like to take extra precautions.

There are other reasons why a truck or car oil change should be done more often. These include driving your vehicle often at high speeds. Another one is accelerating quickly on a regular basis or being in a dusty environment.

Older vehicles tend to burn oil faster. You may consider having a truck or car oil change more often with an older vehicle. We look forward to helping you with your oil change needs.


  • Oil changes according to vehicle guidelines
  • For vehicles being driven at high speeds
  • Accelerating too fast on a regular basis
  • Older vehicles burning oil faster

Contact us for your next truck or car oil change in Tacoma. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.