Muffler Shop Serving the Tacoma Community 

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Your muffler limits the noise coming from your engine. Your Tacoma vehicle shouldn't sound like a freight train going down the road. But mufflers can become worn and damaged. Common muffler problems include rattling, hissing and frequent trips to the gas station. Our muffler shop technicians are experts when it comes to muffler repair and muffler replacement services.

Do you notice a big cloud of smoke when starting your vehicle? This is another sign of a muffler problem. Here's why problems happen.

The inside pipes of your muffler aren't protected against salt build-up. Condensation builds up and sits too long. When condensation gets heated it steams inside your muffler, causing moisture. Muffler fatigue develops. It rusts from the inside out. Your muffler develops holes and cracks. It rusts, weakens, bends and breaks. Eventually it gets old, rusty and falls off.  

We are the muffler shop you can depend on for high-quality muffler repair and muffler replacement services.


Muffler Repair for Tacoma Vehicles - Cars, Trucks, SUV's and RV's

Bring in your vehicle for common muffler problems to Austin's Pro Max in Tacoma.  There are many reasons why a muffler replacement may be necessary.  Putting off muffler repair or muffler replacement can only cause the symptoms to worsen. Muffler repair offers a smoother and quieter ride. 


  • Rusted, bent and weakened mufflers
  • Mufflers causing poor gas mileage
  • Corrosion and condensation build-up
  • Sagging and broken mufflers
  • Rattling and hissing noises
  • Muffler fatigue from condensation and rust

Car and Truck Muffler Replacement 

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For thorough muffler repair and muffler replacement, contact Austin's Pro Max in Tacoma.

We'll inspect and replace your damaged mufflers. You'll be able to drive your vehicle without loud noises. We'll remove that old rusty muffler. And put in a new muffler for your Tacoma vehicle.

Muffler repair or muffler replacement is available for all types of mufflers (Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, & RVs).

Once you have a new one, bring it in for maintenance. Our team will inspect it for holes, rust and wear. Have a quieter drive with muffler replacement.


  • Glass pack mufflers
  • Backpressure mufflers
  • Muffler replacement
  • Removes damaged mufflers
  • Gives you a quieter drive
  • Everyday vehicles
  • Commercial vehicles

Contact our muffler shop for your Car, Truck, Van, SUV, & RV muffler replacement and muffler repair. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.