Expert Gas Tank Service in Tacoma

If you suspect your gas tanks need service, don't do it yourself. gas-tank-tacoma-wa

Gas tanks have fumes hazardous to your health. Problems include fuel contaminants, rust and gas sensor issues. Another problem may be the fuel lines.They can have breaks near your gas tank.

Bring your vehicle into any of Austin's Pro Max locations in Tacoma, Puyallup or Spanaway, WA. We'll take a look at your gas tank. We can perform safe gas tank repair and replacement in any of our automotive repair shops.


Gas Tanks Have Our Undivided Attention

Service is done for fuel lines, dual tanks, flaking and sensor problems. For fuel contamination we can flush your gas tank. Rusting causes gas to leak. Leaking is resolved by replacing your rusted tank. When driving your vehicle you want a gas tank that's durable. It shouldn't give off constant gas odors or leak.  

All vehicle gas tanks should be inspected on a regular basis and a gas tank repair or gas tank replacement should be done at the first sign of problems.

Contact Austin's Pro Max for gas tank service.


  • Rusted gas tanks causing leaks
  • Fractured fuel line repair
  • Service for dual gas tanks
  • Gas tank flushing for fuel contamination
  • Repair for sensor problems

Gas Tank Repair and Replacement for Tacoma Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs and RVs

When is it time for gas tank replacement? gas-tanks-repair-tacome-wa

Broken fuel lines can leak fuel under your vehicle. If the fuel is heated high enough a fire can start. Rusted gas tanks also need gas tank repair or replacement. Over time they become more porous causing more leaks.

How long does it take you to fill your tank? Constant slow fills may require gas tank replacement.

Find out by visiting Austin's Pro Max in Tacoma.  We'll do a free inspection to see what you need to keep your gas tank functioning properly and safely.


  • Stops dangerous gas leaks
  • Removes the potential for fires
  • Guaranteed gas tank parts and labor
  • Free inspection of gas tanks
  • Stops flaking for your gas tank

Contact us for Car, Truck, Van, SUVs, and RV gas tank repair or gas tank replacement. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.