Car Fuel Filter Service in Tacoma 

A car fuel filter provide protection for your engine.   fuel-filter-tacoma-wa

It filters fuel going into the engine. A car fuel filter also filters dirt and other debris. Fuel filters should be checked every 30,000 miles. Dirt, debris and oil byproducts can build up.

Leaving fuel filters unchanged will bring certain problems. Like your carburetor, rough idling and engine hesitation can occur. In some cases your vehicle won't start. Your vehicle can have problems with starting and stopping.

Austin's Pro Max has the solution. We can provide a fuel filter replacement that will get you back on the road in no time.

A clean fuel filter processes oil more efficiently. Your engine won't be clogged with dirt and debris. A fuel filter replacement service is important to maintain higher speeds and better engine idling. You'll also get better speed performance.

Contact us about fuel filter replacement service for your fuel filters.


  • Fuel filter replacement for cars and trucks
  • Service to stop engine hesitation
  • New fuel filters improve your speed performance
  • Allows your vehicle to start
  • End rough engine idling with a fuel filter replacement


Fuel Filter Replacement in Tacoma

It may seem your fuel filter is fine running at high speeds. But it doesn't mean its doing well in low speeds. At low engine speeds your fuel pressure is weak. It can't get past fuel filter debris. This causes inconsistent and low engine performance.

Austin's Pro Max knows your vehicle should have consistent performance. Let us inspect and perform a fuel filter replacement for dirty or damaged fuel filters.

More fuel will get your engine unobstructed. You'll have better performance when driving in lower speeds with a fuel filter replacement.


  • Testing for fuel pump pressure
  • High and low engine speed testing
  • Improves your engine performance
  • Engine fuel can be forced through the fuel filter

Fuel Filters and Engine Starting Experts in Tacoma

Does your vehicle consistently die when you're driving?


This is a sure sign your fuel filter is clogged with dirt. Not enough fuel is getting to your engine. At first the fuel is flowing fine. But then it can get blocked. Your engine will continue to start and stop. You need to have your fuel filter inspected and if necessary, a fuel filter replacement.

Austin's Pro Max will see what's blocking the engine fuel. If it's too bad we'll replace your fuel filter.

Bring your vehicle into on of Austin's Pro Max locations in Tacoma, Puyallup or Spanaway, WA.


  • Stops your vehicle from dying while driving
  • We locate fuel filter obstructions
  • Fuel filter replacement improves the flow of fuel to your engine
  • We remove all types of debris

Contact us for a fuel filter replacement and engine starting obstructions. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.