Exhaust Manifold and Headers Serviced In Tacoma

exhaust-manifold-tacoma-waEngine power can be lost through back pressure.

This is where exhaust gases are pushed out of your cylinder. From the cylinder they go into the exhaust manifold. The problem is that multiple cylinder engines have to share the same manifold.

Too much back pressure is created, draining engine power. It lowers engine and vehicle performance over time.

We can attach headers to stop back pressure. Headers give each cylinder their own exhaust pipe.

Each exhaust pipe meets to form a collector. Pressure in your cylinders is evenly spaced, so there's no back pressure. Headers help dissipate heat.

Your engine belts will stay in better shape. Engine compartments will last longer. Headers give you 6-12 more horsepower over a regular exhaust manifold.


  • Stops back pressure from slowing down your engine
  • Dissipates heat, so you avoid engine overheating
  • Allows your engine and engine compartments to last longer
  • Gives you 6-12 more horsepower over an exhaust manifold
  • Makes it easier for your engine to push gases out of cylinders
  • Easy bolt-on accessory done in our three locations

Header Replacement for Tacoma Vehicles

header-replacement-tacoma-waDo you have a four or eight-cylinder engine? Take a load off your exhaust manifold. Headers make it so one exhaust manifold isn't handling four or more cylinders.

Exhaust gases will flow freely through their own cylinder. These gases will make it to your catalytic converter and muffler. Contact us to add on headers.

Austin's Pro Max will also inspect and replace your exhaust manifold, if needed.


  • Exhaust manifold replacement
  • Headers for four and eight-cylinder engines
  • Stops a single exhaust manifold from working too hard
  • Allows exhaust gases to flow properly
  • Catalytic converter and muffler replacement

Contact Austin's Pro Max for car or truck headers and exhaust manifolds. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.