Engine Repair Services in Tacoma 

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Engines can overheat and have leaky intake manifolds. Your engine can suffer blown head gaskets or have engine misfires.

Take advantage of our car engine repair and truck engine repair service. At any Austin's Pro Max in Tacoma, Puyallup or Spanaway, WA we can repair leaky manifolds and blown head gaskets. We provide first rate engine repair services for your car , truck, SUV, or RV.

We handle check engine lights and engine seizing. If your engine has heating and cooling problems we can help. Our car engine repair and truck engine repair technicians do careful inspections to spot any problems. We can repair and replace worn out engine parts. With our engine repair your vehicle will have better gas mileage and road performance.

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  • Overheating engines 
  • Leaky intake manifolds
  • Blown head gaskets
  • Engine misfires
  • Cracked engine blocks
  • Check engine lights
  • Engine seizing

Car Engine Repair • Intake Manifolds • Blown Head Gasket Repair

Looking at your engine you may not notice hairline cracks.

These cracks start small. But they can get bigger, because of engine heating and cooling. The cracks can lead to harmful intake manifold leaks that require car engine repair services.

Common problems include poor engine performance, and low gas mileage. Carbon monoxide can be released into your vehicle and the environment.

Austin's Pro Max is skilled at car engine repair inclucing repairing your leaky intake manifolds.

We've been repairing them for more than fifteen years. Your car engine repair or truck engine repair technician will stop carbon monoxide leaks.

Your vehicle will have better gas mileage and better engine performance. Our engine repair services can stop future damage to oxygen sensors and your catalytic converter.

Visit any of Austin's Pro Max in Tacoma for car engine repair and truck engine repair for damaged intake manifolds.  car-engine-repair-shop-tacoma-wa


  • Engine inspections
  • Engine repair for intake manifolds
  • Protects your catalytic converters
  • Stops carbon monoxide leaks
  • Truck and car engine repair for engine cracks
  • Regulate engine heating and cooling 


Truck Engine Repair and Inspection in Tacoma 

The noises engines make can raise the hair on the back of your neck.  truck-engine-repair-tacoma-wa

It's easy to panic and not know what to do. Just bring your vehicle to any of Austin's Pro Max locations for the best truck engine repair in the Tacoma area.

We'll lift the hood and see what's going on. We inspect and test your engine components.

We keep working until the problem is found. We'll find any worn parts, leaks and other damage. We'll recommend what truck engine repair needs to be done.

Contact Austin's Pro Max for your car engine repair, truck engine repair or engine inspection.


  • Foreign and domestic engine repair
  • Locate worn parts and leaks
  • Testing of your engine components
  • Fuel injector inspections

Contact us for your car engine repair or truck engine repair or automotive inspection. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.