Drive Shaft Repair in Tacoma • U-Joints and CV Boots 


If your drive shaft didn't work your vehicle couldn't move.

Drive shafts are located under your vehicle. Your drive shaft helps your vehicle shift from idle to drive.

How do you know when your drive shaft is damaged and in need of drive shaft repair or a drive shaft replacement? You'll feel strong vibrations and hear sounds. The sounds intensify as you drive your vehicle. You may find it hard to turn your vehicle.

Whatever drive shaft repair problems you have, come  on of our Austin's Pro Max locations in Tacoma, Puyallup or Spanaway, WA.

We offer high-quality drive sharft repair and drive shaft replacement services. We can stop the shaking and trembling of your drive shaft. We'll replace the U-joints and CV boots connected to your drive shaft. And we'll replace any bearings that have gone bad. Drive shaft repair allows your vehicle to run safely.

Contact Austin's Pro Max for affordable draft shaft repair and drive shaft replacement services.



  • Drive shaft repair and drive shaft replacement
  • Maintenance for bearings and other parts
  • U-joint repair and maintenance
  • Replace old CV boot grease
  • Drive shaft maintenance every 30,000 miles
  • Stops vibrations and metallic noises

Drive Shaft Replacement Services Tacoma

Does it feel like your tires are hesitating when you make turns?

Your drive shaft can be the problem. Your wheels can cause resistance when you make tight turns.

Drivers find it hard to move their vehicles into parking spaces. Trying to make normal turns around corners can be an issue.


Driving a vehicle like this can be time consuming and frustrating. We can eliminate turning problems with drive shaft repair service. Find out how we can help further. 

Come to Austin's Pro Max in Tacoma for drive shaft repair for turning problems.


  • Allows your vehicle to turn properly
  • Makes it easier to park in tight spaces
  • Stops wheel resistance when you turn
  • Your vehicle will be easier to drive

Contact us for drive shaft repair and drive shaft replacement services.  Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.