CV Shaft Repair Services Available in Tacoma

cv-shaft-repair-tacoma-waAre you hearing knocking, growling and clunking noises in your axle?

The problem has to do with your CV drive shaft. They're normally found on four-wheel and front-wheel drive vehicles. The CV shaft transfers power to your wheels.

At the same time it helps your vehicle adjust to the motion of vehicle suspension. The CV joints are protected by a CV boot. Inside is grease that lubricates the joints.

Grease may leak out of your CV boot. Find out for sure by visiting Austin's Pro Max in Tacoma, Puyallup or Spanaway, WA.

We offer expert CV shaft repair and CV shaft replacement services. New grease can put in to lubricate your CV joints. You'll stop hearing noises when you drive your car, truck, van, SUV or RV.


CV Shaft Replacement for a Worn Out Drive Shaft

Your vehicle will have better performance. If your CV shaft is worn we'll replace it with a new one. Don't drive around with a worn CV shaft. Come on in to any of Austin's Pro Max locations, including Tacoma. You'll be able to drive safer on the road with a CV shaft replacement. You're eligible for a free no-hassle inspection as part of our CV shaft repair services.


  • Four-wheel and front-wheel drive vehicles
  • Reliable CV shaft inspections
  • CV shaft replacement and CV shaft repair
  • CV boot repair and replacement
  • Helps your vehicle to drive smoothly
  • Stops knocking, growling and clunking noises


Inspection and Shaft Repair Services for Tacoma Vehicles 

cv-shaft-replacement-tacoma-waWhat are the visible signs of a damaged CV shaft?  How do I know if I need CV shaft repair or a CV shaft replacement?

One sign is splattered grease around your CV joints. The trained eyes of your Austin's Pro Max technician can find the problems.

We do inspections for CV shafts and joints. We'll inspect the CV boot, gears and drive shaft.

You won't have to get under your vehicle and do it yourself.

Contact Austin's Pro Max in Tacoma.  Your CV shaft inspection is free, thorough and performed by skilled CV shaft repair technicians. 


  • Check for CV joint leaks
  • Detect early and late-stage damage
  • Thoroughly inspect the drive shaft
  • CV drive shaft testing
  • CV boot inspection
  • Replace your old grease

Contact us for for CV shaft repairs and CV shaft replacement services.  Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.