Catalytic Converter Expert in Tacoma 

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The last thing you want damaged in your vehicle is the catalytic converter. It converts three harmful chemicals into safer versions. Carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen are the culprits.

Your catalytic converter changes them into ones you can handle. These include carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water. If there are catalytic converter problems, your check engine light will come on.

If your catalytic converter fails, you could be subject to poisoning. And it can have a meltdown. Make sure yours is working.

Austin's Pro Max repairs and replaces catalytic converters. We'll make sure it's converting dangerous chemicals into safer versions.

Our catalytic converter team replaces two-way and three-way catalytic converters. Your vehicle emissions will be under control and will no longer register catalytic converter problems.


  • Catalytic converter replacement
  • Thorough inspections for catalytic converter leaks
  • We insure harmful chemicals are being converted
  • Inspection for all parts of catalytic converters
  • Removes the threat of poisoning

Catalytic Converter Problems?  We Can Help!

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Like all vehicle repairs we take catalytic converters seriously. When you bring your vehicle in because of catalytic converter problems, expect a thorough inspection. We fully test all catalytic converters. We'll locate any leaks or signs of meltdown. We can detect the presence of sulfur, carbon monoxide and other contaminants. We'll pull the code and see what else is going on. Your emissions will be checked to see if they're good or bad.


Catalytic Converters Inspected, Serviced and Replaced

If catalytic converter problems are noted during the catalytic converter inspection, our technician will cut it off and replace it with a new one. We can only clean up so much of the exhaust. Your vehicle must be in good working condition for catalytic converters to work. We'll discover the depth of your problem during the inspection. And we'll tell you the best options for your vehicle. Call for safe service today.


  • Full testing for leaks and other problems
  • Detect meltdowns and harmful chemicals
  • Emissions checking to see if they're good or bad
  • Check to see if exhaust is flowing out of your tail pipe

Contact us for your free automotive inspection. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.