Carburetor Rebuilt Service in Tacoma

carburetor-rebuilt-tacoma-waAre you experiencing flooding, idling and hesitation with your carburetor?

Carburetors can have mechanical problems. You may have a low top speed or stalling. Sometimes your engine won't start. Drivers complain of a rough idle and hesitation with accelerating.

Problems can originate in your choke, fuel inlet or main gaskets.

Austin's Pro Max  provides expert carburetor rebuilt, carburetor repair and carburetor replacement services for all Tacoma area vehicles.

Our carburetor rebuilt technicians check gaskets, the choke and all carburetor parts. We don't leave one stone unturned in our carburetor repair inspections.

You won't leave until we find the source of the problem. Don't worry, our carburetor repair technicians find carburetor problems pretty quick.  Whether you need a carburetor rebuilt and opt for a full carburetor replacement, we can help you get back on Tacoma roads quickly.

We'll also check your fuel inlet and filters. If your carburetor is too worn a carburetor replacement is warranted. Come in so we can get your vehicle working again. Call your Carburetor Repair Tacoma specialist now.


  • Carburetor inspections and carburetor rebuilt services
  • Carburetor repair and carburetor replacement
  • Flooding, idling and hesitation
  • Engine stalls and poor acceleration
  • Surging and power problems
  • Gaskets

Carburetor Replacement Tacoma • Carburetor Flooding

carburetor-replacement-tacoma-waYour carburetor can flood. The flooding may cause your engine to not start.

A worn fuel pump can cause high fuel pressure. When this happens flooding is the result. You can also have a stuck float.  Any of these issues may require a carburetor rebuilt or carburetor replacement.

Austin's Pro Max with locations in Tacoma, Puyallup & Spanaway, WA can easily do carburetor repair services for these problems.

For worn fuel pumps we offer quick replacement. If necessary we'll do a carburetor replacement or have your carburetor rebuilt, so it works properly. Come see us to correct carburetor flooding.


  • Allows your engine to start
  • Replacement for worn fuel pumps
  • Quick repair for stuck floats
  • Relieves high fuel pressure
  • Same-day carburetor repair and carburetor replacement

Carburetor Repair for Tacoma Vehicles • Idling Problems

carburetor-repair-tacoma-waCarburetor idling can be caused by your solenoids.

These small parts need to be adjusted or replaced. Sometimes the problem is trapped dirt. We'll take care of your carburetor idling. During our carburetor repair service, we can take apart your carburetor and remove dirt and other byproducts.

Fuel will move freely through your carburetor. Your engine will idle to a proper level. Get your vehicle in proper working order.

Visit us for carburetor repair, carburetor replacement or carburetor rebuilt services for idling problems.

  • Removal of dirt and other byproducts
  • Adjustment and replacement for solenoids
  • Allows fuel to move freely through your carburetor
  • Lets your engine idle to the right level
  • Fast and convenient service

Tacoma Carburetor Repair • Engine Hesitation

carburetor-puyallupThe hoses under your hood serve a purpose. Hoses keep your exhaust system clear. If the exhaust is clogged, your carburetor can cause your engine to hesitate, which means that a carburetor repair is in your future.

Austin's Pro Max takes steps to stop carburetor hesitation with expert carburetor repair service. We'll make sure vacuum hoses are connected. And we'll unclog your exhaust system.

Your EGR valve will be replaced to also stop carburetor hesitation. If we find worn out parts we'll replace them for you. Have your vehicle serviced for carburetor hesitation.


  • Keeps your exhaust system clear
  • Stops carburetor hesitation
  • We'll secure vacuum hoses
  • Replacement for worn out parts
  • Replacement for the EGR valve

Contact us for your free automotive inspection. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.