Car Batteries Available in Tacoma

car-batteries-tacoma-waCar batteries work with your alternator and starter to start your vehicle. Batteries can have trouble for a variety of reasons. A faulty ignition switch can cause vehicle accessories to be left on. This drains power from your car or truck batteries.

You may have a low battery charge. Another problem is a bad alternator or regulator can affect car batteries. Do you find yourself constantly needing a "jump" to start your vehicle? Contact the experts at Austin's Pro Max for problems with car and truck batteries.

We test and replace truck and car batteries. Battery service is also available for vans, SUV's, RV's and racers. We'll test your battery to see if it can hold a good charge.

For corrosive coatings we have an answer. We use an anti-corrosive coating. And we make sure that car and truck batteries are grounded properly. Our technician will check for acid stratification and other problems. Visit Austin's Pro Max for battery testing on car batteries and truck batteries as well as battery replacement options.


  • Battery replacement, so your vehicle gets power
  • Battery testing to learn why the battery has poor power
  • Removes the need for constant jumping of your vehicle
  • Anti-corrosive coating to keep your battery clean
  • We make sure your battery has proper electrolyte levels


Truck Batteries • Acid Stratification

Acid stratification can lower performance of truck batteries. If the sugar in your coffee settles at the bottom, it won't taste sweet. If truck batteries don't have the right acid or electrolyte levels, your battery will have a low charge.

Acid stratification makes it hard for truck batteries to have a normal charge. This battery condition can help cause your vehicle to not start. Let us take a look at your battery.

We can detect acid stratification on truck and car batteries.

  • Test for electrolyte or acid levels
  • Helps your battery get a higher charge
  • Stops the need for constantly turning ignition switch
  • Improves your battery performance
  • Allows car and truck batteries to get a full charge

Battery Replacement and Battery Testing in Tacoma

battery-replacement-tacoma-waYes, you can buy an over-the-counter battery tester. But do you know how to use it? Once you find a reading what do you do next? Leave battery testing and battery replacement to the professionals at Austin's Pro Max.

We know how to properly test truck and car batteries. We want your battery to last as long as it should. Testing for truck and car batteries allows us to see if you need a new one before we recommend a battery replacement. This gives your vehicle a better chance of being efficient with its power.

Is your battery more than four-years-old? It may be time to consider a battery replacement. Call us for your free battery test.


  • Finds the source of battery power problems
  • Potentially keeps your vehicle from breaking down
  • Allows your battery to remain functional
  • Increases the life span of your battery
  • Battery replacement is recommended if four years or older

Contact us for your free automotive inspection. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.