Car Starter Repair and Replacement Services in Tacoma

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As you try to start your vehicle all you seem to hear are clicking sounds.

Your car starter can be affected in six different ways. Some include a poor battery charge or ignition switch. You may have a poorly functioning starter motor. Guessing why your car starter doesn't work, won't help you.

Learn the source of your car or truck starter problems. Visit Austin's Pro Max for starter repair service.

We replace defective starters. We'll inspect every component in your truck or car starter. We'll let you know why it isn't starting your vehicle. Our technicians check the battery cables, starter solenoid and other parts. The best thing to do is replace the starter. You'll be able to start your vehicle with one turn of the key. Free car and truck starter inspections are available.

Call now for affordable car and truck starter repair or replacement service.


  • Guaranteed starter repair parts and labor
  • Free car and truck starter inspections
  • Affordable service for starter repair
  • Ignition switches
  • Starter motors

Starter Repair for Tacoma Trucks, Vans, SUV's & RV's

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Want to save time and money with your damaged starter?

Come to Austin's Pro Max in Tacoma.

We offer inspections for starters. Starter repair technicians will inspect your battery charge, neutral switch voltage levels. A common problem is turning the key in the ignition switch, but your vehicle won't start. We'll find out where the problem in your truck and car starter is. You'll get a new starter, so you know your vehicle will start.


Car and Truck Starter Inspections

Get your free starter inspection today!  

With our thorough car and truck starter inspection in Tacoma, we can isolate where the problem is and if starter repair or replacement is necessary.  


  • Check for dirt and corrosion
  • Inspect every part of your truck or car starter
  • Testing for battery charge and voltage levels
  • Expert starter repair and replacement service
  • Clean and tighten starter connections
  • Inspection for loose connections in starter circuit

Contact Austin's Pro Max for Car, Truck, Van, SUV & RV starter repair and replacement in Tacoma. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.