Brakes Inspected, Serviced and Repaired in Tacoma

brakes-tacoma-waIt's easy to put off having your brakes looked at. Delaying brake service or brake repair can lead to problems. Your Tacoma vehicle can pull left to right. Your vehicle can shake when you put your foot down on your brakes. Brakes can squeak.

Here's something else you may not know. Rock chips can get stuck in your brake pads, spindle and rotors. Get your vehicle in to Austin's Pro Max in Tacoma, Puyallup or Spanaway if you notice any warning signs.

Our brake service technicians will replace worn brake pads and cracked brake rotors. Brake calipers can become loose. When we're finished with our brake repair, they'll fit and work properly. Shaking sounds may be due to noise insulators.

Our Tacoma brake repair and brake service team can repair or replace disc and anti-lock brakes. And you'll get guaranteed brake parts and labor. Put your mind at ease with our brake service.


  • Free inspection for car and truck brakes
  • Guaranteed brake parts and labor
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Disc brakes
  • Performance vehicle brakes
  • Brake repair and replacement
  • Brake parts

Brake Service in Tacoma for Anti-lock Brakes 

brake-service-tacoma-waAnti-lock brakes are great for stopping power.

But even anti-lock brakes can have issues. Brake sensors can become too dirty. If not cleaned carefully your anti-lock brake system can shut down.

Trust Austin's Pro Max in Tacoma with brake service and brake repair for your anti-lock brakes. We repair and replace the four main parts of your brakes.

We'll inspect sensors, the pump and valves. We'll check for cleanliness and wear. They'll be repaired, replaced and cleaned. Your ABS will work better than before.


  • Foreign and domestic vehicles
  • Anti-lock brake inspections for dirt and wear
  • Replace and repair sensors, pumps and valves
  • Thorough cleaning of sensors
  • Allows your brakes to work properly

Brake Repair for Tacoma Vehicles Including Free Brake Inspections

brake-repair-tacoma-waMost brake problems are easy to fix.   Don't put off your brake service or brake repair any longer. Take advantage of your free brake inspection. We'll check every part of your brake system. Find out what may be causing your trouble.

From wear to cracks, they may need brake repair you can't see. If the damage is bad enough, we recommend that your brakes be replaced. After your free brake inspection you'll get a list of what we need to do.

Call or e-mail for a free brake inspection.


  • Full brake inspection for all vehicles
  • Locate areas of wear and damage
  • Cleaning of all brake parts
  • Brake repair or replacement
  • Detailed estimate on brake problems
  • Low cost brake service

Contact us for your car and truck brake repair or standard maintenance brake service. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.