Free Automotive Inspections • Tacoma • Puyallup • Spanaway

Let's take a moment to explain our free automotive inspections.  We offer free automotive inspections for anything we don't have to remove.

Austin's Pro Max charges for inspections of big trucks.  Automotive Inspections, Automotive Inspections, Automotive Inspections,

We don't charge for inspecting everyday vehicles. We never charge for inspecting radiators, cooling systems, exhausts, shocks or struts. Mysterious mechanical noises will be found and properly resolved.

Free inspections give us a chance to see what's wrong with your vehicle. We inspect parts and systems for leaks, wear and tear. We'll inspect your electrical systems and brakes at no cost.

Inspections allow us to fix your vehicle right the first time. When automotive repair isn't an option we'll replace parts for you. You're always protected by Austin's Pro Max guaranteed parts and labor.


  • Free inspection for anything we don't have to remove
  • Reasonable inspection charge for big trucks
  • Brakes, radiators, exhausts, shocks, struts and more
  • Detect leaks, wear and tear
  • Guaranteed parts and labor
  • Free inspections for everyday vehicles

Free Auto Inspection Guarantee • Tacoma • Puyallup • Spanaway

At Austin's Pro Max we stand behind what we do. Free Inspections, Free Inspections, Free Inspections, tacoma, Free Inspections, Free Inspections, tacoma, carburetor-spanaway

During your free auto inspection we may recommend repair or replacement of parts. You'll get a guarantee on any labor we do or parts we use.

It's nothing for us to offer this to you. We want you to have confidence and trust in our work. We also guarantee you'll get an honest and fair estimate on work we recommend.

Why do we offer these guarantees? We take care of our customers. It's as simple as that.


  • Parts and labor guarantee
  • Free inspection guarantee
  • We take care of our customers
  • No-hassle service

Contact us for your free automotive inspection. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details.