Customer Service

Customer Service

At Austin's Pro Max good customer service is the norm. Customer service means getting your vehicle repaired on time. And we take care of our customers.

We'll give you a full assessment of your automotive problem. If your vehicle needs to be towed to us, we'll arrange it. When you contact us you won't get the runaround. Our staff will take care of your right away.



85 Years of Combined Experience

We have a full knowledge of auto repair. The wealth of knowledge allows us to tackle any auto repair problems. We continually train on the latest automotive repair techniques and technologies. It's apart of our guaranteed service attitude.

At Austin's Pro Max we have a great crew. One crew has been here for seven years. We'll get your vehicle in and out on time. And your vehicle will be fixed right the first time. You'll be able to continue your daily routine. Count on automotive repair with honesty and integrity.


Muffler Repair

Your muffler limits the noise coming from your engine. Your Tacoma vehicle shouldn't sound like a freight train going down the road. But mufflers can become worn and damaged..

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Clutch Repair

Clutches transfer power from your motor to your transmission. From there, power goes to your wheels. It has friction material that can wear down after 35,000 miles. Once this material..

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Brake Repair

It's easy to put off having your brakes looked at. Delaying brake service or brake repair can lead to problems. Your Tacoma vehicle can pull left to right. Your vehicle can shake..

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Engine Repair

Take advantage of our car engine repair and truck engine repair service. At any Austin's Pro Max in Tacoma, Puyallup or Spanaway, WA we can repair leaky manifolds and blown head..

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Radiator Repair

Your vehicle can overheat. Radiator hoses can split. And your radiator tank can crack. Protect your vehicle in hot or cold weather and get the radiator repair you need. Visit any..

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CV Shaft Repair

Are you hearing knocking, growling and clunking noises in your axle? The problem has to do with your CV drive shaft. They're normally found on four-wheel and front-wheel drive vehicles. ..

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We handle repairs for all makes and models


Auto Repair Tacoma

auto-repair-tacoma-wa Welcome to the preferred Tacoma auto repair service in the Pierce County area.  Austin's Pro Max has been serving the region for over fifteen years with expert auto repair service for street, hi-performance and fleet vehicles.

We fix over 2000 vehicles per year. Our Tacoma auto repair service team has eighty five years of combined experience and we maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

All Makes & Models

  • Chevy
  • Ford
  • Dodge
  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Acura
  • Audi
  • VW

At Austin's Pro Max we take care of our customers.

Here you'll get automotive repair service you can trust and at the right price.

3 Pierce County Locations:

  • Tacoma
  • Puyallup
  • Spanaway

Automotive repair done at affordable prices, with:

  • Quality parts installed right the first time
  • Fast turnaround times, so you're not without a vehicle
  • Guaranteed parts and labor for your safety

Auto Repair Service for Tacoma Vehicles

We are proud to have many long-time automotive customers. We're trusted by families, businesses and car enthusiasts.

We provide many auto and truck automotive repair services to fit your needs. Below is a small list of the auto repair services we provide. Bring in your vehicle for high-quality automotive repair today!


Family-Owned Tacoma Auto Repair Service

auto-repair-service-tacoma-waIf you believe your vehicle is having a problem, bring it in. We offer free auto inspections. Our skilled auto repair service mechanics will take a close look at your vehicle. We inspect cars, trucks and vans.

Do you have a commercial fleet? Set up an account today. We provide regular vehicle inspections for your company. You'll get a thorough auto inspection. We do free inspections for radiators, exhausts, shocks and other parts.


  • Thorough auto inspections
  • Free auto inspections for most vehicles
  • Commercial fleet inspections
  • Radiators, brakes, transmissions and shocks

Automotive Repair to Keep Your Tacoma Engine Running Smoothly

Your engine can't afford to overheat and underperform. A faulty engine can affect your gas mileage and vehicle performance. Make sure your engine is working properly.

Let our automotive repair engine specialists repair it for you.

Austin's Pro Max performs auto repair for engines. We start with a thorough inspection. Next, we'll identify engine problems.

You'll get an honest estimate of what needs to be done. We'll get the job done, so you can get your vehicle back. Come on in for top-notch automotive repair service.


  • Engine part inspections
  • Engine repair and replacement
  • Insures your engine is working right
  • Helps improve gas mileage
  • Identify and fix engine problems
  • Honest and fair estimate

Tacoma Automotive Repair for High-Performance Vehicles

automotive-repair-tacoma-waHow would it feel to blast off the starting line with power and speed?

Don’t get left behind in the pack. Visit Austin’s Pro Max today. Get auto repair service, parts and maintenance for your performance vehicles. We repair Drag racers, sports trucks and street performance vehicles.

We have over 40 years of racing experience. Your racer will have the best parts at the lowest prices. Call us now to increase your speed and performance on the race track.


  • Race car parts and installation
  • Race car parts at the best prices
  • Dyno facilities
  • Installation and maintenance service
  • 45,000 square foot facility
  • Experienced race car drivers

Contact us for your auto repair service in the Tacoma area. Our auto repair service team can work on all makes and models on cars, trucks, vans, SUV's, including Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Honda, Toyota, Acura, and Audi.

We Service All Makes and Models